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I noticed that I was buying things

for the full price despite being aware

that there is a way to consume wisely.

if I look long enough, I can locate a

coupon for a product discount.

COUPONS is an app that includes

discount coupons from various companies

and Instagram public figures- clothing, food,

electricity, technology, and more.

Tools Used:





App Design | Digital Platforms Course | 3rd year, First Semester


About Coupons

The app integrates with Instagram, and Instagram public figures can post discounts they receive by tagging #coupons on Instagram stories.

Furthermore, businesses collaborate with Coupons to update the promotions they offer to their customers.

As a result, you can see discounts advertised by businesses as well as discounts from Instagram anchors.​​

The app's goal is to make it easier for people who enjoy shopping online but are tired of spending hours looking for coupons and discounts.

User's Problem & Solution

The application includes the majority of the existing coupons.


People do not have the patience to ask people for coupons or search the internet for them.

Not everyone is familiar with celebrities who

use Instagram.

The app is linked to the Instagram accounts of celebrities who promote coupons.


The app provides a personalized search to find the best coupon for the user.

It is impossible to know when a specific store is offering a discount.



Contact us if you are a public figure interested in joining the Copones family.

There are public figures who are unrelated to

the app.


There are various types of customers, each with their

own set of requirements.

Joining the application entails a brief process

of answering a series of questions designed to identify the user's needs.


User Personas


Job: Human resources

Location: Be'er Sheva, Israel

Eliya Segal

22 years old

Human Resources

The time it takes to look for the coupon is long and tedious, and I don't always find it. I looked for such an application several times and never found it. I give up after ten minutes of searching.

Need & Goals: An application tailored to the client that displays information relevant to his needs.


Job: Psychologist

Location: Rehovot, Israel

She never looked for a coupon code because she assumed there weren't any. Accept that she will have to pay full price so that she is not upset.

Need & Goals: If I knew there was a coupon-collecting app, I would definitely use it.

Tal Yazdi

27 years old



Job: Motion Designer

Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel

Yoav Bender

35 years old

Motion Designer

The coupon search takes a long time, and I don't always find the coupon I need. Furthermore, the coupons are dispersed throughout the internet and take a long time to locate.

Need & Goals: A solution that will reduce search time and provide a simple method for the user to locate a coupon.

Light Colors

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Secondary Palette







Typography Simpler


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App Screens

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Searching Bar

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App Onboarding


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