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The controller is in charge of synchronizing the music and lights

during a cruising show.

Designing & Prototyping

Shahaf Bender

Omer Bender

Tools Used

UX-UI | Prototyping | Identity | Video Editing

Controller | Studio Course | 3rd year, Second  Semester


About Festa Controller

Festa Controller is a mobile app that was developed to serve as a platform for combining music controllers and light controllers for music and lights operators. The goal was to make the information as simple and easy to understand for the user as possible.

The event takes place in Venice's canals and is a festival that takes place in motion as the boats sail through the canals, with music and lights coming from speakers and lights hanging on the buildings that surround the canals.

User's Problem & Our Solution

The controller displays the location of each boat in relation to the course.


Has difficulty seeing performances that are more than half a kilometer away.

There are two types of lighting: single lighting and alternating lighting.

Separate locations for the two kinds of lighting editing.


Adjusted and simple rate scaling.

How to regulate the speed at which the lighting colors change.


It is able to see the song that is currently playing and the one that will come next.

How will the operator keep track of the songs that will be played consecutively


There are various lighting intensities: strong and dim.

Lighting can fluctuate between being strong to dim.


The option to set a timer for the anticipated show time is available.

The operator likely won't pay attention to the show times.


User Personas

brooke-cagle-Nm70URdtf3c-unsplash (1)_edited.jpg

Job: DJ

Location: Sicilia, Italy

A DJ of today must be able to provide a full experience, from music to a light show. The lack of a program that connects them both is one of the challenges.

Need & Goals: To be able to easily control lighting and music together, if possible.

Pietro Greco

37 years old



Job: DJ

Location: Venice, Italy

Because the Venice Carnival is a unique event, it is understandable why there is no practical solution. Each position is managed by multiple people, which results in chaos.

Need & Goals: An effort to handle lighting and music that are unrelated to logistics with the fewest number of people possible.

Anna Moyo

33 years old



Job: DJ & Light Designer

Location: Amalfi, Italy

The lighting industry is developing and becoming more intelligent and cost-effective. Having assistance in organizing the performance that so many people travel from around the world to see will

be enjoyable.

Need & Goals: That the show's quality

will increase greatly. 

Lily Bendi

41 years old

DJ & Lighting Designer

Wireframes Complex System

Anchor 1

Light Colors

Main Palette

Secondary Palette












Typography Avenir LT STD

45 Book             55 Roman          95 Black

Once Upon
A Time In Italy

A children's digital invitation

to the Venice Carnival festival, which is take place on moving boats in the canals of Venice.

Designing & Prototyping

Shahaf Bender

Omer Bender

Tools Used

UX-UI | Prototyping | Identity | Video Editing

Controller | Studio Course | 3rd year, Second  Semester


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