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Since I can remember, I've set the table

before every Friday and holiday meal.
I imagined napkin folding as a small touch that would make guests feel special and make them smile.


Use Foldit to create napkin folds for your special event

with a personalized search, to find the perfect fold for you.

The app provides video explanations

with a time guide and step by step pictures. 

Tools Used

UX-UI | Prototyping | Identity | Video Editing

Controller | Studio Course | 3rd year, Second  Semester


About Foldit

Foldit is a mobile app developed as a platform for personalized searching, folding, and learning about the world of napkin folding guides. Depending on the number of folds or the time required to finish them, the app offers a range of

folding options from simple to complex. The application provides videos with the option to advance to a particular step by clicking the fold number. Another choice is step-by-step images.

User's Problem & Solution

Videos that go into great detail to explain each fold.


People can get tangled up with complicated folds.

It is necessary to prepare special, not everyday, napkins.

The application provides customized questionaries.


Foldit offers folding levels ranging from simple to complex.

Some users prefer easy napkin folds.


There are pictures showing the folding process step-by-step.

The user dislikes watching videos that demonstrate how to fold napkins.


Some users want particularly complex folds.

Folding provides complex folds.


User Personas


Job: Highschool Student

Location: Rehovot, Israel

Yaara Fuchs

16 years old

Highschool Student

Finding the ideal fold is difficult for me because there is so much information available online, and I easily get lost in it.

Need & Goals: Conduct a personalized search that is tailored to my needs.


Job: Primary School Student

Location: Phuket, Thailand

I always have to start over after watching a video on napkin folding because it moves too quickly and I can't remember where I stopped. After that, I become impatient and regret having even started.

Need & Goals: Place markings at each stage of the folding process.

Tong Nguyen

9 years old

Primary School Student


Job: Software Engineer

Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel

I believe that each fold has a unique personality, that not every fold is suitable for every meal or every hour of the day, and that if a large crowd arrives, there won't be enough time to choose a challenging fold.

Need & Goals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner folding adjustments.

Amy Michaeli

32 years old

Software Engineer

Light Colors

Main Palette

Secondary Palette












Typography Cormorant Garamond


Typography Avenir LT STD

45 Book             55 Roman          95 Black



In order to keep the logo minimal, I wanted to use a simple, straightforward shape. To represent a folded napkin, I decided on two triangles. Warmth and a sense of home are expressed by the clay color.




App Screens

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Home page.jpg
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Home page 6.jpg
Home page 4.jpg

User personalization

User Personalization 4.jpg
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User Personalization 3.jpg
Loading 3.jpg
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App Splash and Onboarding

Splash 3.jpg
Splash 2.jpg
Splash 1.jpg
onboarding 3.jpg
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